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Friday, July 29, 2011


Raffle entries are now CLOSED. The wise one being consulted (thank you Mum, who is out running errands and barely understands the contest much less knows who's playing), has chosen entrant #2, meaning our beloved WRosie has won the Rory pendant! Congratulations!

EDIT: P.S. From now on things will also pop up on my facebook page- www.facebook.com/elspethswhimsy and my twitter feed- www.twitter.com/elspethswhimsy .
(You can read them both without having an account.)

For those latecomers, general rules and suchlike are posted here:

SPOTLIGHT ON: BlackMithril

Allison Williams is a self-proclaimed “Geeky girl”, creating geeky jewelry and other fun stuff, including custom items.
Her specialty is scrabble tile pendants, and my goodness, the selection! She even does custom tiles, just for you. My personal favorite is “Starry Starry Night” with the TARDIS in it. :-)
Her products range from $2 to $50, and include multiple fandoms- I was excited to see lots of Doctor Who and Firefly amongst them.
The most remarkable items, I think, are her resin steampunk pendants- bits and gears seamingly floating in a clear resin. Here’s my favorite:

And the jewelry isn’t just for girls. She has some great men’s items, too.

Go on, go check out her shop. I dare you to not find something you like.


  1. Thank you so much for this!! Your a great friend we should do this for my birthday in October and i can return the favor!! *big hugs*

  2. Please note that the code AIM29 is now inactive and a new one has been posted. Where, you ask? Well, go look!

  3. Oh, for squee!!! :-D

    And, yes, Mithril, you are awesome! :-)

  4. There's a raffle running, too. Do you know where it is?

  5. Oh thank you so much Wrosie! =) And Congrats on the win!!!

  6. New blog post! Mithril, I have a question within said post.