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Friday, July 29, 2011


Welcome to Elspeth's Whimsy's First Giveaway Party!

Hopefully it'll go well and there will be more! My sister and I are already discussing a Treasure Hunt for Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Okay, here's the bits and pieces you'll need to know.

~Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy are all not responsible for anything that may happen in the course of this party.

~I am not responsible for any glitches in Blogger, Facebook, or Twitter that may occur during the party.

~I am not responsible for any problems regarding prizes donated by other Etsy sellers. Not that I expect any- these sellers are great people, good customers/vendors. :-)

~Play Fair! No buying prizes that aren't yours, no hostile or foul behavior/speech. Failure to comply will get you one warning, then the boot. It's either that or Imperial Torture Drone. Your choice.

~In order to win, you must have a valid Etsy account or create one by Monday at 8am, EST. If you do not do so, the prize will go to a secondary winner with a valid account.

~You must be 18 or older, or have parental permission to play. If you lie to me about this, may onions fall upon your head!

~Please "pick up" your prize by August 5th. If you do not, the prize will revert back to the seller to do with as she sees fit.
           HOW TO PICK UP YOUR PRIZE: Follow prize link and checkout as you would if you bought a regular item. The item will be listed for 25 cents with free shipping. This covers the listing fee for the seller.

~You do not need a Twitter or Facebook account to play most games. There will be one exclusive to Twitter, but that is one amongst many, I assure you.

Requirements will differ raffle by raffle, but in general it is some variation on commenting somewhere. ;-) I'll give you specific instructions as we go.

To start us off, here's a Coupon Code. Buying from my shop during the party will yield you 5 extra entries into ALL contests, so here's some extra incentive. :-D

AIM29 for 29% off your order.

There will be more codes later today, but each one will render the last void. They may be higher or lower. It's up to you to decide whether to take the chance and hold out for the next one!

So who's ready to play?

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  1. I'm here and ready!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!