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Friday, July 29, 2011

No, I didn't Die. DID YOU???

EDIT: Just a reminder- checking in at any point during the party enters you for the last raffle!

Well, no one's here, so it was Mithril x3 against White Rose. Again the Wise One was consulted, and Rosie won!

Congratulations, Rosie!

I'm thinking, since almost everyone has gone, that I'll wait for people to check in again before I move on. So if you're here, let me know! We still have two prizes and the Ultimate Challenge yet!

P.S. Coupon code SPRY35 is now inactive. New code posted elsewhere. Remember, purchasing from my shop wins you 3 automatic entries into all raffles!


  1. Ooooh! Yay, again!

    And I'm still here, hanging on. And I'll be here untill the end- guaranteed. ;-)

  2. I'm thinking to postpone the rest until tomorrow...

  3. I'm here i've been playing a video game so its been off and on =)

  4. Well, there's three... But Mithril's other gem is up next, so technically it's only 2...

    Which video game were you playing?

  5. About to be a new post. I'm calling it for the night.

  6. I take it back. We're going for one last raffle and the Ultimate Challenge! Y'all deserve it for hanging around. :-)