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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Well, I'm Back."

Who but Samwise Gamgee could make those few words sound so perfectly homey?

Yes, I have returned from the land of holiday- a much happier journey than dear Sam's, to be sure. I'm afraid I did cave and buy books, but they were good books. Almost pristine copies of Stephen Lawhead's Pendragon cycle- the first three, at least. And I was given books for my birthday (Yes, it's a month away, but I had my party on holiday!)- A volume by Elisabeth Elliot, a picture book of faeries, and Andrew Peterson's "Monster in the Hollows" (READ THE WINGFEATHER SAGA! ;-) ).
I also bought "The Soldier's Cross" and "The Shadow Things" by sister authors Abigail Hartman and Jennifer Frietag, respectively.

Blogs thereof (Check them out!) http://scribblesandinkstains.blogspot.com/ and http://thepenslayer.blogspot.com/

So... many books! Shall I ever read all of them? YES.

Yesterday I got my shop back in order. I shipped out my sale, removed all the notifications of being away, and switched my banner and avatar back to the normal one. Life is slowly returning to "normal", though I'm still as busy as ever, making three costume reproductions before September!

And now I must go. There is pizza calling my name...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey, what are you doing here?

What, can't a girl blog on her holiday?

I'm currently visiting the Penslayer and Co.
Poor Co. probably gets tired of being constantly associated with said Penslayer, but that's the way it goes.

Today we are off to the used bookstore. Can I stand it? Can I go in and not buy ANYTHING? I honestly don't know. But I've worked hard to save money for this week, and I don't want to blow it all at the beginning. Still, there are a few titles I've been trying to find, and if they have them, I'll probably purchase. The sad thing about liking old books is so many of them are out of print. And then to find matching editions is another thing entirely. Which is why my bookshelf is extremely untidy and wibbly wobbly. I buy the editions I can find, whatever condition, size, or shape.

Well. The Penslayer is coming to pick me up in less than an hour and I have neither armed myself with pretty clothes nor with food. I am contemplating my vintage hat, though...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sale Ends TONIGHT!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm having a sale!

Coupon Code OFFWEGO for 50% off any one item in my store!

So why would I repeat myself? Because the sale ends tonight at 6pm EST, and I don't want you to miss your chance! So as of now, you have approximately 4 hours left! Hurry!

See you there!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sale and An Enquiry

Inquiry? I like it better with an E. Not sure what the difference is, if there is one.

Anyway, Sale first:

That's right, crazy sale time! No knowing how long this one will last, so take it up quick!
Next Sunday I'm off on holiday to visit fellow bloggers for a week. In honor of that, I'm holding a sale!
Coupon code is OFFWEGO and the special is 50% off any one item! Sale ends soon- before the end of the week, though not certain /when/ before.


Now for the Enquiry.

Could anyone tell me how to make a multi-page blog? I know a few people who have more than one page, but for various reasons I've not been able to get an answer.

I'd appreciate any help in the matter.