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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Well, I'm Back."

Who but Samwise Gamgee could make those few words sound so perfectly homey?

Yes, I have returned from the land of holiday- a much happier journey than dear Sam's, to be sure. I'm afraid I did cave and buy books, but they were good books. Almost pristine copies of Stephen Lawhead's Pendragon cycle- the first three, at least. And I was given books for my birthday (Yes, it's a month away, but I had my party on holiday!)- A volume by Elisabeth Elliot, a picture book of faeries, and Andrew Peterson's "Monster in the Hollows" (READ THE WINGFEATHER SAGA! ;-) ).
I also bought "The Soldier's Cross" and "The Shadow Things" by sister authors Abigail Hartman and Jennifer Frietag, respectively.

Blogs thereof (Check them out!) http://scribblesandinkstains.blogspot.com/ and http://thepenslayer.blogspot.com/

So... many books! Shall I ever read all of them? YES.

Yesterday I got my shop back in order. I shipped out my sale, removed all the notifications of being away, and switched my banner and avatar back to the normal one. Life is slowly returning to "normal", though I'm still as busy as ever, making three costume reproductions before September!

And now I must go. There is pizza calling my name...

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