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Thursday, July 28, 2011

NEWS- Hopefully FINAL schedule and info for tomorrow's Party!

Tomorrow I will be holding a many-faceted sale-slash-party.

There will be coupon codes.

There will be raffles.

There will even be a Treasure Hunt!

But in the end, as the dust settles, only one person will be found worthy of the


What prize is that, you may ask? Well, I shan't tell you until the time comes to compete for it. But rest assured it's a good one. I've already been called insane for doing it.

The various events won't just be here. Some will be on facebook, and some on Twitter. For those of you who don't have one or the other, don't worry. You can still read both accounts, you just can't respond. Most response-required contests will be held here, where anonymous replies are enabled (though of course I need you to sign them with your Etsy name or other name by which I'd know you).

There will be response-required contest(s) elsewhere, but I've worked it out so everyone will have a chance at something.

Schedule is as follows:
3:00 EST- Party begins here on the blog! Yes, I know I said noon elsewhere, but I forgot that a lot of you are still at work, and I don't really have enough stuff to do a party from noon to 8!

Various codes, raffles, and giveaways will pop up over the next hours, until finally at

8:00 EST- Party ends with the announcement of the winner of the ULTIMATE PRIZE!

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