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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adipose Babies and other random happenings

So. The past few days have been moments of creative Whovian insanity. Last night into today I set about to make an Adipose baby plushie. I mean, who DOESN'T love the cuteness?

I tried some new techniques- soft sculpture, hand sewing polar fleece... AND it's part of the Use It Up Project! Yes, I made it without buying ANYTHING. It really was great fun. My only regret is that I did a lot of it at night, after I'd shut down the computer and gone up to my room, making accuracy pretty tough as I had no reference photos/videos. He's cute, but he's not quite what I'd hoped for. And so I'm planning to make a few more, smaller (life-size, actually), and see how they go.

Bought fabric for some more TARDIS bags. The TARDIS 2.0 will be made of Duck cloth (just as soft but a little bit sturdier). Still need to go get some zippers, so they're on hold awhile longer.

Right now, I'm working on all sorts of oddments. My ADD means I'm finding it tough to keep to any particular project. I've a bunch of jewelry, headbands, cuffs, and fascinators waiting to be listed as soon as the last bits of each are completed.

As always, stay tuned for more developments!

Also, I want to know what YOU think. What would you like to see from my shop? What is your favorite aspect? As I move forward into the world of Etsy, I want to figure out where my customers' interests lie, and where my own lie. Let me know your opinions and ideas- they'll help a lot!


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