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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flitting From Flower To Flower

Well, here it is. Elspeth's Whimsy has cross-pollinated, as I like to call it. Now you should be able to get direct links to and/or feeds from my Etsy store, my Twitter account, and my Facebook Page.

All of these networks will be used to promote my store as much as possible. There will be special coupon codes, advance notice of sales, and any other goodies I can cook up.

I'm already being followed on Twitter by a gentleman whose blog is devoted to serendipitous discoveries of beauty (my words). If I get 25 "Likes" on Facebook, I'll be able to get a nicer name for my page (I'm assuming this means I can rid myself of all the numbers after my page name).

So. This blog is devoted mainly to project blogging (I have one almost ready, just as soon as I've finished its mate), with a few updates now and then on other things (like this post). To get the special goodies, follow me on Twitter and/or on Facebook!


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