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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creativity Block? Ramblings of a Creative Soul

What happens when you have oodles of ideas, but no one's buying?

Your workspace starts to get overwhelmed with merchandise, that's what happens. :-P

I have a creativity block. It's not like writer's block, where it's a lack of ideas. No, this is a HUGE amount of ideas, and no outlet. I would say no interest, but I've gotten quite a few favorites of late, and was featured in THREE treasuries just this weekend. So there's plenty of interest, just no one's buying.

Which leads me to the question, "Why?"

Am I doing something wrong? Are my prices too high? Too low? Do I look desperate? Am I discrediting my own work by being painfully truthful about any flaws in the vintage items?

Whatever it is, I find myself unwilling to move forward until I've cleared out what I have laying around. Which means all these awesome ideas sit in my head, waiting for storage space.

Here's one way offbeat idea I had recently, and if anyone reads this blog, I'd really appreciate a comment on it, even if it's "You are crazy, woman" or "That's the worst idea I've ever heard". Seriously. I need feedback.

Steampunk clothes for kids.

I figure not all of the steampunk lovers are childless- there have to be a few kiddies here and there. But when I look around, I don't see any clothes for them. None to speak of, anyway. So I'm thinking- do stuff that's somewhat Steampunk, somewhat Victorian, and 100% Whimsical and fun to wear. I've been wanting to do kid's clothes for awhile now, but they take up more space than necklaces and hats...

This truly has been a ramble. Right now I'm (still) working on two TARDIS bags. I've had requests for a few men's waistcoats/vests, and I'm thinking on some Victoriana purses.

Oh! While I'm here. Latest items from the Use It Up Project:
~Dalek Bracelet
~Seal of Rasillon Pendant
~Good Cluck Necklace (though I /did/ buy some eye/head pins and the charm)
~Galinda and Elphaba fascinators (one of these days I'll do a post detailing construction of the former)

And the Two Hearts And A Rose set are also loosely included. The wire and earring posts are new supplies, but the rose beads have been languishing for far too long.

Yet to be listed: The Vincent Headband, Selkie Bracelet, and an as yet unnamed pendant/necklace.


  1. I think steampunk kids' clothes is a cute idea! :-)
    I think the reason no one has ever made any before is most people's idea of that style of clothes (at least, for girls) is they think of mostly corsets and other form fitting sort of stuff. However, we know it doesn't always have to be like that!

    Anywho...go at it!

    Oh...and as far as why things aren't selling...my thoughts is that some of your items do seem priced a little high. For me they are, anyway, and you know I love a lot of your stuff.

    ~ Wrosie

  2. I just love the design on the "Two Hearts And A Rose" jewelry, plus I'm interested to see the Selkie Bracelet. I don't know about steampunk so I sadly can't complement on that. I'd say keep on showing the world how amazing your crafts are!!!

  3. I guess this is a little late. But I was thinking about it. As I've said before, it's hard for me to judge whether your work is too expensive. It's more complicated than simply doing a x7 calculation, because things are valued here differently, and depending on earnings.

    I was thinking, however, that perhaps it's not your prices that are too expensive, but that you're trying to sell items that have too much value. Considering the current financial situation of most people, perhaps they just don't have the spare money to buy your stuff. That's why you get so many "likes" but not enough sales. I can't really say what the solution is. I'm probably the world's worst entrepreneur, (whenever I had to do business stuff at school, it was pretty much a disaster).

    But I have come to realise that the people who are most successful at flea-markets and school market days, are the ones who sell what people need rather than what they want. For example, at school events, the food sellers always make the most money because everybody needs to eat. And since the food was going to be bought from somewhere, they're willing to fork out for it.

    I'm not saying you should sell food - and I know the point of your business is unique accessory-type-things, but if you can think of things people would feel less guilty of spending money on, they might be more willing to buy them. Not sure if that makes sense. Try and think of stuff people would spend money on anyway.

    Keep at your work though. You have a gift, and as your name spreads, you will get your breakthrough.

    God bless
    Your totally non-business-minded friend
    Ajnos >'.'<