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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Challenge

Hello, all. For the purposes of this blog, my name is Elspeth. It's not exactly my real name, and I have other screen names, so please don't get confused. If I've sent you this link, yes, this is me.

So I had a crazy idea- which I basically stole from a million other people. Yes, this is one of those "so many things in such and such a time" blogs. My challenge as it stands is to create one new project per week, and list it on my Etsy shop. Now, I haven't yet got my shop up and running, so I can't do much listing, but I've already made a project and have just inherited a bag of vintage hats to sell, so things should be interesting before I start listing other items.

I have no set start date as yet- right now I'm neck deep in musical rehearsals, but I plan to start before the show's over. Just keep nagging me if I haven't started.

Oh yes, the secondary challenge- almost forgot. I further challenge myself to make said projects out of items already in my stash. I haven't added this in the primary challenge, because I know at some point I'll need a certain thread or some snaps or something and have to go buy them. But I'll muscle through without them for as long as possible.

Am I crazy? Only time will tell.

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